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For those students entering high school we would love to have you join the Rockville Football program.  

To start getting program information, sign up for the Freshman team using the "Registration" tab at the top of this site, this is a free program.  By signing up you will be placed on the email list.

When does the season start?

The football season actually begins near the end of August but there is a weight lifting program that the begins at the end of the school year and through out the summer.  Our first practice will be in the middle of Aug (dates to be announced)

When are the Games?

Freshman Home Games are held at Rockville High, normally Thurs @ 3:30 and Away games will begin approx the same time at their field.  There is always Free admission
to these games.  Help is usually needed for chains and markers at home games and sometimes at away games. 

Are there tryouts?

Generally there are not tryouts, we try and take all the players who wish to play

What are the grade requirements to play?

 Scholastic failures cannot be made up for eligibility purposes in any manner until the next report, except that credits earned during the summer by any regularly approved board of education procedure will be accepted for the purpose of determining the eligibility of students desiring to participate in the athletic program of the school in September. Scholastic incompletes must be made up within ten (10) school days following the date that student eligibility was determined for the respective marking period as defined above. Incomplete grades are not to be considered as passing grades. It should be understood that the above regulations are minimal and do not prohibit a school from establishing more rigid eligibility standards. Marking period grades (not semester grades) are to be used in determining scholastic eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics during any given marking period. To be eligible for fall sports, a student must have received credit toward graduation of four (4) Carnegie Units of work for which he has not previously received credit. The final academic grade average determines fall eligibility. Semester courses or mini courses completed earlier in the school year may be counted toward the four (4) units used in determining eligibility for fall season. Year-end failures may be made up through successful completion of LEA approved summer school work in courses failed.

  1. Quick Introduction: ; 860-543-3305
    1. Coach Taddio (A.J.) – This is year 3 of building a program from the ground up. It’s going to be a 5-10 year project till we are consistent winners. You’re joining at the right time. Everybody will be part of something great to come.
    2. Experience: Close to 20 years of coaching experience – I have 3 plus years at the high school level. I recently completed a master’s degree program for coaching education from Ohio University.
    3. Our roster numbers are growing each year. We will have 3 full teams this year. Year 1 we had 1 team of 25 players. Year 2 we had a varsity and freshman team.
    4. Philosophy (attachment): We consistently send the message “school and football”. We want that as the priority during the season. We want them to believe in WE vs ME. Too many individuals at HS and too many players think their job is safe for all 4 years. You need to keep working at your craft every chance possible. You have to earn every ounce of playing time especially after freshman year.
  2. Structure of our program
    1. Freshman Team is intro to football at the high school level. We try to find a position (if safety isn’t an issue) for everybody but winning is the goal. No minimum play requirements. Players must earn time. Grades 10-12 is the Varsity Program (JV is only for 2nd depth of varsity so they can get some work in but players should strive to play varsity)
    2. Summer Weight Lifting & Passing league (Attachment). You player should come now for as much as they can. Commitment is only twice a week.
    3. After the season, we start in January. It will be for 3 times a week for 1 to 1 ½ hours of just lifting.
    4. Coaches: (Attachment) Roles and Responsibilities. Small staff, but we all get along and work very hard. We are away from our families the entire season. I have a full time corporate job and then put in 6 plus hours a day, 6 days a week at RHS football. We love coaching football that much and give 100% effort all the time, it’s only fair to ask for that in return from the players.
    5. Geoff Barry – Head Freshman Coach. Great guy, wonderful with younger kids and getting better and better each day as a High school coach. He has been with me since day one at Rockville.
  3. Practice Schedule – You will get a calendar at the end of each month for the month ahead. I try to stay consistent but its events are subject to change. I send out numerous emails to make sure everybody knows where to be at all times.
    1. Before school starts – First Practice is August 15th. Leaning towards 415pm meetings and 5pm-8pm practice times. They need to arrange rides if you work. We go Monday thur Saturday in summer. Times can vary but we will try to be consistent. There could be double days as well, waiting for the 2016 CIAC rules to finalize practice schedule.
    2. During School: After school M, T, W  from 215 – 6pm (freshman tend to get out earlier)


  1. Thursday is game day.  Friday is optional (no equipment) to come watch varsity games. They wear game jersey at our games. Can come on JV bus for away as long as they behave. They will get weekends off.
  1. Practice Format and philosophy – I am all about consistency. We do the same format for most part every single day. Kids will know what to expect
    1. As a whole program we stretch, flex lines, sleds, tackling the dummies (no concussions because we don’t hit bodies much at all during practice)
    2. Then offense/defense individuals, offense/defense group sessions, offense/defense team session, finish with Special teams. T
    3. We come together to condition at the end as a whole program.
    4. They will be with us for 50-75% of time so they get the varsity experience and coaching. They will never go up against varsity players and only be with us during drill time and conditioning. Team stuff and contact will be on their own.
  2. Paperwork – soon to be online. We will get these forms to you in July/August. Everything needs to be completed by first practice.
    1. Physical – get it during the summer before Aug 15ht. Save it and make a copy so it will be ready to hand in for camp next year as well.
    2. Permission slip – you sign.
    3. Code of Conduct: Read, understand about drugs and alcohol, go over with your player and then they sign. Break the rules, off the team. School rule not mine, but I am strong proponent of it.  
  3. RHS Player Expectations – we need commitment to be successful
    1. School first – grades have to be good. For fall sports, they have to earn 4 credits from the year before to start season. Then first quarter ends about ¾ thru our season and they need 4 passing grades or they are removed from the team.
    2. Practice is mandatory – must be a valid excuse from parent or written note from doctor/teacher. Player won’t play in game of that week if they have un-excused absent or in school/out of school suspension.
    3. For us to be good – offseason weightlifting as much as possible and CCSU camp at end of June and passing league. Plan family events and work around these things.
    4. Best time for family vacation as a football family is July and first two weeks of August.
  4. Game Schedule (Attachment)
    1. Buses are tight on time because games are early. Fields are not always varsity fields. Go to CIAC site for directions.
  5. New Booster Club Structure – (Attachment) – Let Becky O. speak as well J
  6. Open for Questions


2016 RHS Football Freshman Parent Packet


Philosophy and Motto:

  • Team PHILOSOPHY:  


The Rockville Football Program’s philosophy is to teach and build players character, discipline and passion. These are traits that we believe you need to be successful on the field and throughout life. We will be a student/athlete-centered program with high expectations to be the best we can be. Both players and coaches will be expected to do things right and compete at our fullest at all times. WE ARE TEAM FIRST.



Summer Weight Lifting

  • Now thru August 14th.
  • Monday and Wednesday 6pm sharp – 830pm
  • Sunday Passing League at Tolland high school for underclassmen is 10am –Noon and is invite only based off attendance from passing league


Roles and Responsibilities - Coaches

  • Varsity Head Coach/Varsity Offensive Coordinator/Asst. Varsity Special Teams

 – AJ Taddio


  • Asst. Varsity Head Coach/Varsity Defensive Coordinator/Asst. Varsity Special Teams

            – Trev Williams


  • JV Head Coach/Varsity RB/Varsity DL – Dennis Camp                                              


  • Freshman Head Coach/Varsity OL/LBs – Geoff Barry


  • Varsity Assistant Offensive Coordinator/Varsity WRs/Varsity DBs – Brian Zeiner


Booster Club Info – Becky Orlowski (Treasurer)


New Structure.

  • No more board roles like president etc. People don’t want to do them.
  • Less or no meetings to attend
  • No club commitment or fees
  • Treasure is the leader of the group, also in charge of the money
  • Each class will have roles that need to be done (fundraiser, team dinners, snacks, game day activities, chain gang etc.).
  • The parents in that class will rotate thru season to help complete the roles needed.
  • We need one class lead parent(s) to organize class to ensure rotation and volunteers are available for roles, work with treasure on event planning
  • We are looking for one parent to be class representative for Freshman Parent. Interested? The job will be getting freshman parents to volunteer and rotate for a few important task needed thru season and work with the wonderful Becky O.
  • We will soon be laying out all the things that need to be done during the season and determine which class gets what.
    1. We will be asking parents of freshman players to rotate thru 6 home varsity games and cover one or two important roles. This allows upper class parents to watch their sons play.
    2. Freshman parents will also need to supply home game chains for freshman games as well (best seat in house).
    3. We are doing the same structure for other classes. When your kid play varsity, you won’t have to do anything during their games.